Cyprus Marriage Law - Legal requirements for getting married in Cyprus.








Cyprus Marriage Law

Cyprus Marraige Law 10 year passport with at least 6 months validity following the return date for Bride and Groom.
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Full birth certificates not the shortened version.

Adoption certificates where appropriate.
For divorced people, decree absolute.
For widows or widowers, death certificates for former spouses.
If aged under 18 – a legal letter of consent from parent or guardian stamped and signed by a solicitor.
Affidavits for UK passport holders, endorsed by a solicitor- one each not a joint one, should be obtained no earlier than 3 months prior to the wedding date.
cyprus wedding For Irish citizens- a ‘Freedom to Marry’ certificate, from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland or the Irish Embassy of England. Be aware – these can take sometime to come through apply no later than 6 weeks before expected travel date.

For non – UK citizen signed letter from your consulate, OR from the town where your birth was registered, stating that you are single and free to marry. 

If names have been changed by deed poll- legal proof, stamped and signed by a solicitor.
For Anglican ceremonies - at least one baptism certificate.
getting married in Cyprus For Catholic both Bride and Groom need baptism certificates.
getting married in Cyprus A photocopy of passports of the two witnesses.